No matter which way we decide to go, it has became clear that downsizing is a must.  Some may ask, what is downsizing? It’s a little different to everyone. To some, it’s a minimalist lifestyle. Only the basics are kept. To others, it’s get rid of all this ‘stuff’.

After reading several different sites, stumbling onto others, we fit somewhere in between. I’ve starting thinking, ‘we’ consumers, do just go out and buy things to ‘make us happy’ for a short bit. Then when the new wears off, we toss it somewhere to rarely or never to be used again. Look familiar?


No this isn’t our garage, but I’ve seen plenty like this. However you get the point. Some items we consumers buy to ‘keep up with the Jones’ so to speak. So downsizing for us is getting rid of the clutter. No need for us to buy a new TV, the one we have works fine for when we watch it. No new car, the one we have is paid for and works.  This will allow us to identify what we really use, get rid of the rest and continue to save for our journey ahead.

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