Saving Now for Later

Everything I read, blog I follow, motivational person I listen to, all seem to say the same thing.  Save, reduce debt, save some more.  One major problem I continue to see, consumers and myself have fallen into a mindset.  We want it and want it now. So when it comes to wanting our dreams to come true, move off somewhere, or buy a boat to live on, I want it to happen, and want to do it now.  One has to look at your finances to see where you currently are.

iou.piggybankLook familiar? I’m not a financial teacher or expert. After looking at our own, we have a ways to go. We started with putting something back.  No matter how small, putting something back. Starting an emergency fund.  If you make yourself put back for ‘an emergency’ soon that little bit will grow.  You will find out that saving a little wasn’t so bad. It won’t happen overnight but over time saving something will add up.  You will realize that saving ‘for an emergency’ can be done.  You won’t even miss what you were putting back. Then continue to save.

Where else can we trim a little from? Eating out everyday? Magazine subscriptions?  Add that to what you have already been saving and it continues to grow.  All with keeping our dreams in our mind of why we are doing this. We started with saving the change after buying something (we needed), and have slowly increase from there. A little bit at a time now will eventually grow for us later. Now we just need to work on our patience.


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