While reading books, blogs, and anything else I can find, it gets to a point where information overload kicks in.  I stumble upon a blog, want to read it’s entirety from start to finish and the days or weeks go by.  Stumble upon another one, then another one, and another one.  One said, there is a blog for every person that has a boat.  I think I believe that.  Some are not useful to us in what we are trying to accomplish, but yet entertaining. However some are and I would like to share those that are helping to keep us on track of what we are looking for.

These are some that I read. There are others but I always come back to these.  Many helpful tips, or stories that we can use to help us prepare for our journey ahead.

How are we doing compared to these?  Still saving, and determining what we want to do.  Why not just do it?  Good question. First off, we are still downsizing and off loading things little by little.  The cold snap of weather has kept us in for a while.  So we will continue to organize our thoughts and things we need to get rid of.  This year is going to be a big year of change for us, that is for sure.

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