So I’ve already realized we need to downsize our possessions.  Getting rid of extra clothes, nick-knacks, etc, which we have started.  What I’ve been thinking about now is consolidating items.                                                                                                                    From wiki: (using definition #2)

consolidateAs much as I hate to spend unnecessary , especially during our saving for later time, I think it will work out for the better to consolidate all of our storage drives (external hard drives) into one storage drive.  This is going to cost some money, but we will be able to combine four drives into one.  With better back-up ability.  Then we can sell the individual drives and recover some money spent, so not all bad.

Why share this? Well, no matter which path we take, it makes more sense to take one storage drive (a NAS, ‘Network Attached Storage’) that we can easily move with, vs four drives with no backups in case of drive failure.  Not to mention all the cables, power cords etc.

Then there is the desktop computer.  Well two, to be exact. We will try to consolidate these maybe into a laptop?  That’s the thought anyway.

Okay so where did this idea come from?  We had one storage drive (the fifth one) die unexpectedly.  That prompted a memory from years ago from a previous drive failure when we lost ALL of our photos.  Not wanting to repeat that, and with the most recent failure, we should plan ahead.  At least with a NAS, we can store all of our media and digital memories, as well as sailing maps etc, in one convenient place.  Is this ideal for the tropics? We might have to come up with a plan B.

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