Tick Tock

Okay, who knew this consolidation, downsizing, would take so long?  It doesn’t even seem like we have even made a dent.  Sure there are some items we can just discard, but several items need to be sold, so we can put that money towards our new adventure. There still comes the decision of: move to an island, or buy a boat and able to move anywhere.  Good thing we are not on a time table, yet.  Posts have been few because of old man winter.

country snow

 Sure it’s pretty landscape, but when you only have sea and palms in your mind, no where close to either, and your plan isn’t moving as fast as you want…. well patients, I’m still learning patients.  What to do in the meantime? We booked a trip for next month to warmer weather.  I know, I know, unnecessary expenses, but we are going to call in ‘recon’ experience.  We have already made contact with a boat owner that has one for sale to check it out.  As well we can see what living on a rock would be like.  Again, we’re doing ‘recon’  ::wink ::wink  Two birds with one stone?  We shall see.  Until then, this is all I let myself continue to see..  Much better if you ask me…

belize palm

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