More Confused Than Ever

We get back from vacation / recon trip. Living the island life is definitely different. Expensively different.  We knew things costs more. There are the ‘local’ places with high prices, and the ‘tourist’ places with even higher prices.  We were able to save some by walking where we could, taking local transit instead of cabs and take some people up on rides when the offers came.  We didn’t really try hitch hiking, but were surprised how many people would offer a ride since they were going that way anyways.

We went and looked at our first live aboard catamaran while we were there.  Gave us some good insight on the possibilities, and what to look for.  We spoke to the owners to see how many they looked at before purchase, and it was between 40-50 vessels.  Wow.  You have to think of it as buying a home.

Where is the confusion part?  So many boats for sale, and the ‘cost’ for us to travel to go look at any of them.  Any close to us are lake boats, and not sea going vessels.  We need to look at more to see what options we have to have, and which we can do without.  Also we still haven’t ruled out the just moving without a boat part.  We have made up our minds that we will be moving to somewhere.  Timeline, location, land or sea… not so sure.  Baby steps for now, and visions of locations like this in our dreams.


For now, back to downsizing and living within to below our means.  It should help out more now that the only debt we have left is our house.  Back to saving, back to current reality.

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