So Tired..

Who doesn’t love a road trip?  Off into the unknown, flying by the seat of your pants.  Okay, we did have a little bit of structure to our trip but it was spur of the moment, and thrown together in about three days. Still a road trip nonetheless.  We found about three or four boats to look at, called up the brokers to see if available, and penciled in times to meet.  Like, can we call you when we get about an hour away time to meet.  The brokers were very accommodating.

The plan? Drive most of the way the day before, spend the night, get an early start and look at boats until time to drive home before work the next day. Piece of cake right? It sounded like simple math. I mean we weren’t going to buy one, just look, take notes, and compare. And so our day began. We looked at the first one, and then drove to the second one.  The second broker said, ‘hey, while your here want to look at a couple of others?” Well, why not, lets make the most of this trip. There goes our ‘schedule’ but we were trading time for knowledge.  Again we were going to look at about four boats total, and by our second stop, we had already looked at four.  This is working out great!

checkenginelightWell, it was working out great until about 9 hours away from home, on a 40 mile stretch in the middle of no where, our service engine light comes on.  Mind you, this is not a rental.  This is our paid for, only one left, car.  You have got to be kidding me.  Not to mention we still have to drive home and go to work the next day. We pull over, check for some of the obvious issues.  None can be found. Nothing else to do, but to continue on, very cautiously. We come to an auto parts store. They plug their code reader in and give a very vague list of  endless possibilities.  Long story short, they had no idea.  So we continued on. At one point in my random mind thoughts and memories, I recalled one of my friends say his gas cap caused his light to come on.  I thought what the heck, pulled over, removed, re installed, and… the light stayed on.  Oh well, we continued on and monitored for any abnormal actions, sounds, vibrations, or anything else out of the norm.

As the day went on, we had looked at a total of 7 boats. All different, and with pros and cons to each. We had lost our ‘schedule’ and were about three hours later than we wanted to be.  Our car still had the engine light of death shining in our face.  Then we thought, we are so close, lets continue on, drive to the beach just so we can say we at least put our toes in the sand. It will just put us a little further behind.  Why not? So we did. Arrived to the beach, put our toes in the sand, snapped a few photos, and were off again.  I’ve always said the sand and sea will cure what ails you. I believe that anyways. I always feel better when I’m on the sand or near the water.  I think it did our car some good too.  The check engine light went out.  Was it just the gas cap?  Probably.  Did it just give up on us fixing it and go out?  Maybe.  I say it needed some beach time too.

We started our journey home. Refreshed, relaxed, and just a touch of beach bliss.  We planned on getting home around 10pm.  Adding a few more boat visits, the not so helpful car checkup, we were now looking at about 2 am, just a few hours before I had to be at work. What can you do, but dig in for the long haul.  Literally.  In the past 37 hours, we drove 1,100 miles that took about 18 hours. Would I do it again?  Absolutely. We might take an extra day to do so next time, but we sure learned a lot more after seeing the different boats.  Trip well spent, but oh so tired.

drive, map, searching

drive, map, searching

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