One More Step

It’s been a little while since my last post.  We have been busy busy busy.   I’ve been thinking down the road of potential options to do for work when the money runs out.  Or what can I do to be able to quit my current job and move closer to the sea.  I think one should never quit acquiring skills. The more skills you have, the more diverse you become if you need to seek employment.  One thing to check off my list is some training.

                   rescue diver logo     efr logo

As a PADI certified Advanced Open Water diver, my next steps were Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response.  This was a very fun course.  I learned a great deal, mostly, that I was ill prepared in the event of an accident.  Crossing my fingers that nothing bad ever happens.  If something were to happen, I think I can make a difference.  I hope all the training learned will be used during mock accident exercises.  Now I can start working on my next level of training that will then open some doors to potential employment.

divemaster logo

This will not be the stopping point, as not many people hire just a dive master, but there may be options for internships or something else as I work towards Instructor.  Continue training in what I love to do.  If getting a boat and sailing doesn’t happen for a while, at least I may be able to get a job closer to the water and learn some more skills while working towards getting our boat.  For more information on becoming certified to dive or scuba diving in general, visit PADI’s website.


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