Wish I had a Crystal Ball

Since my last post, a few things have changed. I have successfully completed my PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor program and two whole days worth of testing. In addition, I went a little further and now can teach 12 additional specialty courses in the PADI program. I am now officially a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.


I’m looking forward to job hunting in this new adventure, however, it’s scary. Not once have I been without a secure job. Not once have I not had a source of income coming in. I know hundreds of people are self employed and self insured, but I have not been down this road before. I have no idea of what to expect.

Upon getting back home from my training trip, I had to purchase vehicle.  I know, I know, I just sold one that I had a couple of months ago.  I think that worked out for a reason. Reason being, that currently without a job I probably could not keep up with the payments.  However, now after a couple of days searching, I have another vehicle. This one is not the beauty of the ball.  Just slightly dinged up here and there, but hopefully mechanically sound, and already paid for.  I will need her for a possible future road trip in job hunting.

Today I emailed out my CV/Resume for a possible job opening.  Crossing my fingers I get a bite.  So although our initial dreams maybe postponed, or slightly altered, we are keeping an open mind and cannot wait to see where this new adventure takes us.  It’s scary jumping off into the unknown… I wish I had a crystal ball to see down the road, that would ease my mind.

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