A Fresh Start

Starting over isn’t easy. I mean think of it this way.  I have to find where the grocery stores are, where to buy items I need that I didn’t bring down with me.  Everything that most take for granted in their home town, I do not have yet.  No family, no friends, nothing with me.  Finding somewhere to live is difficult when you don’t know anything about the area.

Just by chance, I saw a poster with a room for rent.  Called the number, did a meet and greet and at least now I have somewhere to sleep in exchange for monthly rent.  At least no more hotel rooms.

It isn’t all that bad right now.  I’m staying busy working, and that is helping to occupy my time.  There have been a couple of days I had off.  Those were really odd.  No where to go, no one to hang out with, so I just drove.  Drove around getting familiar with my new surroundings.  It’s almost like starting your senior year in high school in a different state.  You’re the new guy, and while you may meet new people, they already have their groups and aren’t so keen to letting anyone new in just yet.  I will pay my dues and be patient, and eventually I will start blending in.  All of that may sound bad, but when you ‘work’ in an office like this, everything will fall into place in time.  Besides, I’m on an island, and I’m on island time now…


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