Is It Worth It?

So I’ve been settling in a little.  Getting to know the area, and my co-workers.  Getting up very early and going bed late makes for long work days.  My wife, dog and home are still many hundreds of miles away.  Having to cope with that proves to be difficult some days.  You tend to take days for granted when you get to see your spouse at any given moment, until you can’t.  Modern technology has helped a little bit, being able to video chat just to see each other, but trust me, it isn’t the same.

So long hours, little pay, no family near, no home yet to call my own.  After all the hardship, is it still worth it? Doing what you love, have a passion for, and actually enjoy doing in life is definitely worth it.  I have never been happier working that I am now.  I wish I would have been able to do something like this sooner.  Everyone says they wish they had done this or that in life.  I can attest, if you want to, do so.  Don’t wait.  You only get one shot at life and you should enjoy it.  I have met so many people that come down on vacations and are sadden to go back to their ‘real life’.  Going back to the norm, the mundane, the regular habits of everyday ‘work’ life.  Why do people get themselves stuck in ruts and don’t want to change anything to get out of them?

I get asked by all the vacationers, ‘how did you move and leave everything’, ‘do you like your job now’.  I tell them all the same.  I spread my arms wide pointing behind me, and simple say, ‘this is my office, what is there not to love and make you want to be here’….


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