Not as Frequent

I admit, I have not been posting to this as often as I had imagined.  I thought it would be almost daily or couple times a week.  I have been struggling to even post a couple of times a month.  It has been busier than I had expected for this time of year, which is extremely nice in helping to pass the time and put a little coin in my pocket.

I’m still looking for more permanent place to live, something to call my own.  Now I’m bouncing back and forth between the ‘original’ plan….. I’m on an island now, but should I look for a land unit, or look for a sailboat?  Just the very lifestyle is what is appealing.  Never being this close to the sea for this amount of time is highly addictive.  I wish we would have moved a long time ago.  Being near the sea is so rewarding. There is so much life in it, comes from it, relies on the sea.  I just wish I could get my sea legs a little faster and not have to keep taking seasick meds.  I am getting better and not taking them as often, but I guess that will come in time, or I hope it does. If not, the sailboat idea may just remain a dream.

While most of the USA is under snow, or freezing temps, it is very nice here still.  Waking up in the morning and it’s 74 degrees already at sunrise.  I can deal with that.  As I get more rooted and comfortable here, I’m sure my posts will improve as I find new experiences to share and write about.  Until then, lets go diving!

scuba minion

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