Ready, Set, Go!


Okay, so I said I was going to update this more frequently, but I have a very good reason for the delay this time.  A couple of weeks ago, at the spur of the moment, it was decided that I would fly home, sell off everything else and move my wife down. So I hopped on a plane and flew home.  Did I forget to mention that while living in the Keys, I didn’t have any cold weather gear?  Man was I surprised when I got home.  17 degrees and I get off the plane in my only pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Some time ago, we started to down size.  We thought we had made a good dent in our possesions and were being more minimalist, until I got back home and we started going through everything to pack up. Oh were we wrong.  You have no idea how much ‘stuff’ you have until you try to box everything up in just a few days.  If we were going to move, we needed a u-haul to fit everything in. Then we needed a tow dolly to bring the car with us so we would only have gas expense for the truck.  Wait, where were we going to put everything when we get back to the Keys?  We don’t have our own place. We can’t just say, ‘hey roommate, do you have room for this truck load of stuff in your house too?’.  What to do now?  Okay, I remember a few people having a ‘fire sale’ to get rid of items fast.  Priced so low that they can’t say no.  It was a win win. Now we will just take what we can fit in the car.

So we just had a great idea, save money on not having to rent a u-haul, off loaded much needed to get rid of ‘stuff’ but Mother Nature says ‘not so fast’. I only have a week off from work to make this move and Mother Nature brings in some snow. For two days we can do nothing but sort through and make a ‘to take’ pile and a ‘to sell’ pile. I load and unload the car over and over, putting my childhood Tetris skills to the test.  The entire week the temperature never got above freezing.  The roads covered in ice and snow.  Its looking like we are running out of time before I have to be back at work but we can go no where.  We call it a day and hope for the best as we go to sleep for the night.

The next morning, the weather is still the same, but as the sun shines on the snow and ice, even at 22 degrees, some melts.  We make the call and if roads continue to slightly improve, we’ll go for it.

drive on ice

It may not look bad to some who are use to driving on snow, but remember, this is mostly ice, with snow on top.  We waited and went for it.  It was all or nothing.

We drove and drove.  We planned to stop for the night and drive more the next day but we kept saying to each other, ‘what’s a few more hours, we’re not that far away now’.

Our reward, was warmth and sunshine. No more snow, no more cold.  We are both on the island now, and enjoy every minute.  While my wife acclimates, I’m back off to work.  What was white, ice and snow covered just 18 hours ago, is now sand and salt.

ice sand

On our first day of sunshine on the island, we phoned home to ensure everyone that we made it.  They told us it was a close call because they got 4 more inches of snow that morning.  Talking about a close call.

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