Getting the Itch Again

It’s been six months that I’ve been living on the island.  It has been a month since I got my wife moved down here.  We are constantly looking for a place to call our own.  It is not an easy task.  Most people down here are single, and are splitting rent with two to four other people.  Think college dorm style.  While that might not seem so bad, my wife and I prefer to have our own place and are not wanting to split a home.  What makes this more difficult, without more people to split rent with, the cost is crazy expensive.  While I knew coming in that it was going to be expensive, I had no idea it was going to be ridiculously expensive.  With my wife not finding a job yet, there is no way we can afford rent in most of these places.  Keeping in mind we still have to find one pet friendly, which is even more difficult.  One begins to think that the island is anti pets.  It’s not, just seems that way when looking for a home to rent.

On the occasional day off, we have been going to nice beach just a short drive a way.  That beach happens to be close to a marina where live aboards come in their dingy to enjoy some sun and sand.  Looking at the different dingies, boats, and people, my mind starts to wonder and our original plan is coming back into sight.  What if we found a boat to live on?  We would be spending our money on something we would own, have a place to ourselves, and our boat we started this journey seeking.  Then we would not have any land ties, and when we wanted we could take off, but until then keep working to fix and repair any issues while we figured the boat out.  Hmm… doesn’t sound like a bad idea or does it?


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