So much want, not enough dough

So the plan may still be to find a boat and live on that as our house. However, just like we did house hunting some time ago, boat hunting proves to be just as stressful and unsuccessful.

In the past weeks, we have looked at a few more vessels. A monohull, and two catamarans.  Which will we choose? That is still to be determined.  A quick google search yields a bountiful list of pros and cons to each. Right now, finances are not there for neither (Insert frownie face here). We got to look at a nice 34′ monohull, in exceptional condition. However it was a little too crowded for two of us to live on full time. The price was not bad at all. Only $87k. We did look at a similar priced 37′ catamaran, but in such poor shape, it would take that much just to get it seaworthy. The third vessel we looked at, was the same style 32′ PDQ we looked at in North Carolina last year. They thought a lot of thier vessel, $99k, but with so much that needed to be done to it, my offer would have been laughed at.

We looked at monohulls at catamarans last year and have yet decided on which. Don’t forget we still don’t know how to sail yet.

There has to be some common ground to a decent vessel at a decent price. I’m not looking for a steal, but not going to get raked over the coals either. I’m afraid it’s back to saving until we decide. By back to saving, I mean back to work. At least I’m getting some practice on bottom paint jobs for when we get our own.

I read about people looking for a few years before they find the right one. I don’t think I want to wait that long. The sea is calling, and time and tides wait for no one. However good things come to those that wait.

Have experience on either? What did you choose and why?  What would you change?

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