Toy or Tool?

toy or tool

In the last weeks we put the house up for sale and juggling some issues back home. We were way over due for some relaxation and fun.  We look at every purchase as a need or want.  If it is a want, we usually toss it back and go on.  This item on the other hand, we can justify more benefits and future uses (on a boat maybe?) than the traditional wants.

While we are so close to water and canals now, we see it as an addition to fitness, some minor transportation, fun, and a compromise to having something and saving space at the same time.

We know several people that have paddle boards, and in the Keys, they are pretty popular. We could rent anytime we wanted to use one, but over time that isn’t helping us at all.  People we know who have their own, only speak negative about the inconvenience of hauling on the roof of their vehicle due to being so long.  Some from 9-12′ in length.  Now we could do the same, but we also look for a better way of doing the same thing.  One thing that caught our eye was an inflatable paddle board.  Most we have seen down here look like a big version of a pool float.  A little cheesy looking to me.  However after checking around, I did find one that looked promising and talked to some people that had one.  Red Paddle Co was what I found.  Watch this video and you’ll see why they look promising.  Best of both worlds, paddle board when you want, and deflate and store in closet when you want it out of the way.  Let our own testing begin.

paddle board

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