Officially Debt Free! Now What?

It’s official! We are debt free. We went back home to sign the papers on the house, pack up any last remaining items and brought them back down with us. 

We had plans to go view a 32′ PDQ in Texas for $89k, and Maryland for $125k, but neither of those travel plans worked out during the time we had. Both were PDQ’s. Pretty much identical just varying years and features. Have we decided on a PDQ? Probably, but not 100% yet. A catamaran, yes, and we keep leaning towards the PDQ. The features and build are way better than those of other boats we have looked at. 

Right now the trouble is timing. A little thing called hurricane season.  Historically, it appears we are in the target zone of most storms. Look at this track of storms. 

 It makes us a little nervous to get a boat right now and while in the middle of hurricane season and possibly have it ripped to shreds. Remember we haven’t owned a sailboat before, have no sailing experience and don’t really want to risk our hard earned, saved money sink to Davey Jones’s locker. 

So for now, unless we strike a really good deal we will continue to hold, save, and learn about more boats. 


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