Where Did All of This Come From?

Our lives flipped upside down. What we once known, we know no longer and definitely out of our comfort zone. How did we get here, why, and where are we going.  Looking over this blog, journal, I’ve noticed we didn’t really go from the beginning.  It just kinda appeared, sat stale for a bit and slowly growing.  So, I’m going to do a quick recap of why this page was started.


My wife and I were living a comfortable life.  For us, it was comfortable.  For some people, we would have been considered poor, to others might consider us well off.  I like to think we were in the middle with the blue collar worker.  We were able to buy things we wanted, and we were starting to get hooked on taking vacations.  So much that we were going on a vacation three times a year. These were not a weekend getaway, nor the going to the closest beach or whatever.  We were mostly taking two trips to another country and a cruise at the end of the year (Mexico and Caribbean).

palm tree

We fell in love with the ocean, beaches and palm trees.  More so than where we live. The closest ocean is about seven hours away. Needless to say we weren’t going very often before. While on our way back from vacation, we would always ask each other, ‘where to next?’ and ‘when?’.  Once back home we would get vacation sick.  Like homesick but not of missing home. We would get on the internet and search of places to go to next.

It was late 2012 early 2013 that after a vacation trip, we came back home and started thinking about moving. We looked for places in Florida, simply because a beach is not to far in any direction when compared with where we are now. We looked at several different locations online but we knew nothing about communities or which to stay away from in Florida. Then my wife stumbled upon a website. It was very odd that we found someone that was writing about how he had just done what we were wanting to do. The more we read Ryan’s website the more we wanted to follow our dreams but we didn’t know how or where to start. We’ve never lived anywhere else but in our first house we bought back in 2005.

As our dream grew, we stumbled upon more and more websites/blogs. Each offering hints, tips, advice and some knowhow, helping us get started in a direction but also altering our dreams slightly. We found tips from Joshua on how to get rid of stuff.  Yes you really need some sort of plan or else you will be attached to everything and your stuff will take over. We thought we wanted to buy another house in Florida, until we found Mike & Rebecca and then we started thinking of a different direction. The best part, there are several people that have done what we are wanting to do and almost everyone had no prior experience. So it IS possible. As we continued to go on vacations, we continued to dream and say things like ‘that could be our boat’. Seeing locations like this gave us a push to make changes.

boat n beach

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