Back to Back

We have never been in a major storm event. No tornadoes, no earthquakes, and no hurricanes.  Watching people around town, you can see who are locals and who are new to town.  The media streaming night and day, ‘get water, gas, groceries’, etc.  Several people are doing that.  Gas stations are lined up and grocery stores are full.  The locals however just sit back and say, ‘not doing anything unless it’s a cat 3 or bigger…” (wind speeds of 111 mph or higher) “if it’s not a 3 or bigger, its just a rain storm..”.

To us, we don’t know exactly what to do, so we top off with gas in case we need to sit in traffic and leave (one way in one way out on the island) and just a few groceries just because we were getting low anyways.

Two storms back to back, Danny and Erika.  Here are their tracks:





However we have recently just got to witness two could have been storms fizzle out. Couldn’t have worked out any better for us.  Don’t want to spend our first hurricane season evacuating or getting everything destroyed.  This on the other hand has helped to confirm our decision to wait it out a little bit on buying a vessel right away. Definitely would not want a new boat getting sunk.

While the recent events have heightened our senses, we are see these more and more (they were always there just never payed attention).

evacuation route

We also have considered a hurricane go bag (just essentials and important items) but also are considering a hurricane to do list, you know, to be more like a local.


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