Much Needed Break

I can’t believe it has been over a year from when we have taken an actual vacation.  Even though we are living on an island, it’s not like ‘the islands’. Despite our saving habits and better judgement, we booked a trip for the caribbean.

We had our minds set, to not spend more than we needed to. After all, we are still planing on getting a boat at some point.  We bought cheap basic airfare from Spirit Airlines.  I had read some negative and positive reviews but was getting a little concerned about the amount of negative reviews.  One thing I have picked up has been to make your own opinions and not to rely too much on others.  As it worked out, we had a fantastic experience with Spirt. We took the ‘bare fare’, each carried a backpack and paid for one carry-on.  They are very similar to Allegiant Airlines but fly international.

We rented a condo in the same area that we had done before because we love the view. I mean how could you not love this view of the islands and mountains in the background?


Even though it was the off season, there were still a few cruise ships coming to port there in St. Thomas.  The beach was never crowded but one day they were expected a few ships in port so we took the ferry over to St. John to escape the crowds.  We tried hiking for the first time. No not the first time ever hiking, but the first time hiking on St. John.  We wanted to do something different and go where the general crowds would not be and we were walking everywhere we went (save money by not renting a car). Once on St. John, we headed for the National Park visitors center and found Lind Point trail.

lind point trail entrance

This is the entrance to the trail (not my photo).  Remind you, we are hiking in flip flops.  While supposedly only a mile long, in flip flops, up hill it felt much longer.

Alicia looking excited hiking to a beach. Even if it is uphill.

Alicia looking excited hiking to a beach. Even if it is uphill.

We continued hiking and noticed the crowd noise going away, and the quiet of nature taking over. Further and further we went, but still no beach.  We kept going up hill, down a little, up some more then it leveled off. Alicia was sure we were almost there.


Alicia pointing in hopes of the direction of the beach.

Alicia pointing in hopes of the direction of the beach.

Still no beach in site, but the surroundings were absolutely beautiful. Eventually we started going down hill and could catch glimpses of the ocean, but no beach.



We started getting closer to the shore and could see the rocky bluffs and boulder covered shore, but still no beach.  It felt like we had been hiking for hours and are just getting teased of there being a beach.  Maybe this was just a prank to visitors?


Alicia and her pouty face in disbelief of there really being a beach.

After what seemed like hours (which wasn’t) of hiking up and down hills, we finally found what we were looking for, we had arrived to destination and WOW! what a sight.  We were the only ones there.  It was absolutely breath taking.  Neither of us had experienced this kind of solitude before.


We swam in the gorgeous waters, laid on the beach and said to each other, this, this is something we could get used to. Hiking to unspoiled places and just experience the natural beauty.  We will defiantly be seeking out a boat in our near future in hopes to continue to explore and find places like these.  You Only Live Once right?  Why not?

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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks like you made the absolutely right choice. It really looks and sounds like a perfect time 🙂

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