Keep Exploring

We are itching to buy a boat, but don’t have all of the funds yet.  We could and may end up financing one but being debt free, we are a little hesitant to jump back into payments.

We continue to explore our islands when we can.  So far we have been getting successful results.  When I find little foot paths, I get curious to where they go. I mean they can’t go to far because we’re on an island.  We take off down the path and again were surprised where we ended up.


A nice quiet little beach all to ourselves.  Not a soul around.  Just the waves crashing up on the beach.  We walk in one direction for a while just enjoying the sounds of the surf.  We talk about doing this by boat and dinghy instead of arriving by car. We wonder why we don’t have a boat already.   The lust for a boat grows more. So does the love for a deserted beach.


Finding places to hang out away from the crowds is truly an experience, an adventure. You start to simplify your life and look at things differently.  Some people see just palm trees.  I see nature’s air conditioning.  Who doesn’t love air conditioning?



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