Basic and Simple

After some long days, and restless nights, I’ve been known to pickup an energy drink or two to help kick start the day.  I keep hearing they are not good for you and even though I haven’t researched it myself, they probably are not.  One of my co-workers introduced me to Cuban coffee.  While I am not a coffee drinker, I was intrigued.  He kept talking about how great it was and so much better than regular coffee.  He brought in a very small styrofoam cup and tiny little thimble sized cups.

cuban coffee cups

Now I was curious.  He told me he was bringing cuban coffee, but what he brought was half the size of a normal coffee cup.  He assured me it was the right stuff and more than enough.  First impression, again from a non coffee drinker was yuck.  After a couple of tiny sips, and the first impression pushed out of my mind, the flavor started to come through.  It was very strong, even to a coffee novice like myself.  However not regular black coffee strong and a little hint of sweet.  A few days in a row of these and they began to grow on me.  Then I soon upgraded to a ‘double’ which is just that, double the size and double the price.  While not that all expensive, keeping track of my budget, I can see the saving for a boat dwindle over time.  So I started thinking of how to have the same thing for less money.  I stumbled upon a moka pot to make the little sweet coffee nectar energizing concoctions.


For only $7 for the pot and $2 for a block of vacuum sealed cuban coffee, I can make these at home for a fraction of the price.  There are no filters to buy, just put grounds and water in the pot and add a little heat.  In just a few minuets, you have this uplifting liquid gently flowing into the top pot.  Now for a boat this seems to be a can’t beat deal.  It is very small, no working parts, no coffee filters to buy and just needs a rinse.  Best of all there isn’t any glass that can break if underway (if we had a boat).  This seems like it will come in very handy for quite some time.  Best of all, it has already paid for itself and then some.

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