life detour

It has been a while since my last post.  All was going well and savings plan and boat shopping was full steam ahead, until..

….Life happens.  Keeping in touch with family via some phone calls but mostly text and all seems well enough. Then it happens. As I currently sit in the hospital next to my father.  Waiting for tomorrow morning.  Open heart surgery for the second time, due to complications from the first.  This is going to be a brief post so we can get back to doctors and nurses coming in at odd times, just when he starts to fall asleep.  Watching the clock slow tick away as we wait for tomorrow morning to arrive.

We are fortunate enough to have other family members to be able to help out, and only a couple of a days drive until we got to the hospital.  Thinking of how hard it would have been to attempt to go through this while in another country, or out at sea, not knowing whats going on due to no communication.

For now, all is put on hold, and will resume in the coming weeks and can utilize some of this time to get back to reading and researching.

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