Starting off on the right foot

Starting off on the right foot is important.  I kept telling myself I would update this site on a regular basis.  While not on a daily basis, it should be more often.  Enter day one of this new year.

Last year in review:

  • Stopped buying ‘things’ right and left
  • Sorted through our belongings
  • Sold or gave away what we didn’t use
  • Sold our house
  • Moved for the first time (EVER)
  • Made new friends
  • Made new memories
  • Earning less than 1/3 of our previous income
  • Debt free
  • Happier than ever doing what we LOVE
  • Have less stress than previous jobs
  • Looking for a boat
  • Chasing some crazy sailing dreams

Thinking about it now, our dreams are starting to become closer and closer to actually happening. We just keep looking at photos like this for motivation. One day, this will be us.

lindquist beach stj 2

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