Never Know Unless You Try

In the past few years, we have been on several boats. Taking note of what we like and what we don’t. 

We are now to a point that we need to try and make our dream happen. 

There are several debates online about buying a boat outright versus financing one. Seeing that we are finally out of debt, we hesitate to dig back in. However after finding a vessel type that we like, we can only obtain it by attempting to get financing. 

Having a significant career change and change in pay, we are not sure we will be ale to get a loan but we need to try. After a little research I contacted a marine lender, submitted paperwork and are just waiting to hear back the outcome.  I have read that some people have went time and time again to different lenders trying to get a loan. We shall see with this one. 

The down side is even if we don’t get approved, our roommate has mentioned that our time is getting short due to his family coming in the summer and needs our room. Nonetheless we have to try something as time is slipping away. 

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