Nail biting


Nervous, anxious, even a little scared is how I’m feeling right now.  

We did not get approved for the loan. Credit is good, down payment was more than 20%, and debt to income ratio was well below the 38% mark I’ve read about. I’m at 24%. That was it, the lender wanted it at 14%. 

Our dream is at a halt. The boat we wanted is now out of our reach. We were looking at a 32′ PDQ catamaran and liked the layout and everything about the boat. What do we do now?

I mentioned previously that our current land based home will soon expire so we have to find something. To me it only made sense to get a boat of our own. Putting our money towards something of ours instead of giving our money to someone else.  Briefly looking at other land based options, monthly rent is right at or slightly more than what it would cost for a boat loan and marina slip fees. 

I’ve never really been on a timeline for finding somewhere to live and I don’t like this feeling. I don’t want to be rushed and make a bad choice. Do we keep looking for another financing company or compromise and get something we don’t really want, just to have something? A little nervous, anxious to get something and a little scared of what to do next. 

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