Early Start

It’s early. The sun is just coming up and we are back at it. After January and February being extremely busy at work, when I get time off, we are looking at boats. Today, right now, we are off to go view another boat but for a second time. 

After getting denied from a couple of banks on the catamaran, I’m thinking it may be for the best and the budget. I kept getting denied because substantial change in finances. Last two years of decent tax returns, to now self employed. The banks kept telling me they wanted to see two years of self employment history. Well makes it a little difficult if I haven’t been doing it for two years yet. Despite a very large down payment, we would still have to finance a large amount and for 15 years.  Ouch! After being debt free for a while, a 15 year note doesn’t sound good. 

Now we are looking at monohulls. But I just said I kept getting denied from banks, why would we keep looking.  One, I never give up, and two, there has to be a way to obtain a dream. So I contacted my old credit union back home, ran some numbers and details by them, and got approved for what we needed.  Now with our budget in mind, we continue to look for boats. More details about this second boat viewing soon. 

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