Could it be?


Several more boats have been viewed. Some we loved, some we cannot get our time back it took to go view. After a long and exhausting search, compromising on some things, and going smaller than expected, we have a boat under contract. 

What did we compromise on? 


We wanted big and roomy but not too big that we couldn’t handle. Then after checking on insurance some denied because of size of vessel and no experience. 

Once we found a sweet spot 32′-38′ (length of vessel) it came down to features, comfort, and payments. We really didn’t want to go into debt again, or could we if the vessel was a really great find?  Then some vessels were a little older that financing was not available. Let’s not forget logistics for moving the vessel based on location. Sure just sail it from purchase location. We don’t know how to sail. 

After deciding that we did not want to go back into debt, that narrowed it down to just a handful of boats. It then came down to what add-ons each boat had, condition and what other work would be needed. After looking at two identical boats, one ‘upgraded’ and one not, sometimes being ‘upgraded’ is not always best. Several items the owner said were upgraded is just basic maintenance. You replaced old worn out parts for same but new part. That’s not an uptake to me. However while some parts were replaced, the overall boat condition was far less almost in poor condition. 

We decided to place an offer of what we felt comfortable with on the lesser upgraded boat but in overall better condition. The offer was accepted and now let the survey begin. 

The survey is going to be done over a few days only because of schedule conflicts. Today was the out of water survey and all seemed to go very well despite a couple of minor (could be bigger) issues. Somethings you just never know about a boat. We will see how the sea trial goes next week and hopefully we will have a place to call home of our own. 

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