At Ease

After a long an exhausting search, countless miles driven to look at boats, the one we put under a contract was less than two miles from our current living location.  A few days passed, we heard back that the offer was accepted and we scheduled a survey.  There were a few difficulties getting everything scheduled but in the end it all worked out.

The surveyor was Scott Austin from All Marine Surveyors.  We were more than happy with how thorough he was.  The survey was done over two days because of scheduling conflicts.  One day a survey on dry dock, and the following week a survey in water and sea trial to test the sails and other systems.  The dry dock survey was about two hours of inspecting the hull and everything below the waterline.  The second day started at 9 am and went until 7 pm.  Scott was extremely thorough.  If he found something of slight concern, he keep inspecting until he found was was the source or cause of the problem.  That was very informative and helpful to learn.  Scott was also the only surveyor in the Florida Keys (not someone on the mainland driving to the keys) that went aloft to check the mast and that was included in the price.

After the survey, we placed a counter offer, it was rejected and a different offer from seller was placed.  After a little more negotiation, both parties came to an agreement and the sale was on.  Since this was a documented vessel with the Coast Guard, a few more papers had to be completed.  I cannot describe how stressful this whole process was, but it was more about timing coming together than the process itself.  Buying a house was actually easier when compared to when we started looking for a boat to now, owning a boat.

We decided to not change the name of the vessel just yet.  I’ve read there is a whole process and ritual to go through to not upset Poseidon.  So for now, we will be working to clean, repair, and some minor fixing to At Ease, meaning: free from worry, free from problems, relaxed.

The next phase was to move At Ease from the survey marina, to her new home about 2 miles north to another marina.  I called a friend that is a captain to help us move from one place to another.  That was a great call due to the wind direction versus leaving that marina.  Once we got out of the marina, Alicia and I took turns driving the boat, getting a little familiar on how she responded.

alicia driving

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