A clean boat is a happy boat

After taking delivery of At Ease, it was time to get cleaning supplies and get to work. Not that the boat was in horrible condition, but we have no idea how long it had been since its last good rub down inside. We scrubbed everywhere and I mean everywhere. Opening hatches, lockers and bilges. 

If we start with a nice and clean boat then we should be able to see where there is a problem. Not to mention it will look better and smell better. Once she is all clean it’s time to start on the survey list of findings to repair. 

Right off the first thing we have discovered a little too late, smaller boats have smaller compartments thus making it harder to get inside or clean thoroughly. Not to worry, you just have to remain flexible, literally. 

Phase one of cleaning was to get the surface gunk off with the safest cleaner possible. I mean safe because I’ve read and we are not 100% sure what some chemicals may do to the finish of some surfaces of the boat. Then it will be time to do phase two, disinfect and deodorize. 

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