Phase 2 continued…

After working on, well during working on the bilge pump to be correct, I started another project within a project. I had the old bilge pump removed and the new one on standby and looked at our sea water cooled air conditioning sea strainer.

Our boat’s air conditioning works like this:

Raw sea water is sucked up into the boat.  It goes into a filter like object (sea strainer) that filters out the bigger particles that could be floating in the ocean. Then a pump pushes the water from the strainer to the a/c unit where heat is absorbed from the boat’s air and that heat is transferred to the sea water running through the a/c unit tubes.  That warm sea water is then pumped overboard while new colder seawater is sucked up starting the cycle over again to remove heat from the boat. More or less like a traditional home a/c unit, just on salt water.

There are lots of little critters that live in the sea.  Barnacles being one of them.  Barnacles are harmless crustaceans and filter feeders.


They are on most boats that sit for a while but can also be found on turtle’s shells, whales and other odd places.  One place not good to find them is in the sea strainer.  One because it means it hasn’t been cleaned out in a while, or more likely never on our boat. Also because with so much junk in the filter, the a/c and pump were just being starved for water.  This is not my strainer but sad enough, mine was worse.

Sea strainer

After some cleaning and soaking in white vinegar, and cleaning some more it cleaned up really nice.  I didn’t have to buy a new one or even a replace the filter. Cost to fix, less than $10 for hose and clamps. I was really surprised on how well white vinegar worked on eating the barnacles up.  I read about vinegar and its multi purposes on a boat, so we also have some to use.  Here is the after cleaning. The brass is still tarnished, but the filter was cleaned and hoses and hose clamps doubled up and replaced.  I did buy a new o-ring to have for the lid incase it started to leak on us.


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