Navigation Aids

In sailing there are a few instruments that are very important for navigation.  While the more traditional instruments of paper charts, parallel rulers and compass are basic navigation items(we do not have nor know how to use yet) there are more modern conviences of GPS, chart plotters, auto pilot, depth sounders and anemometers.  All of the later we have on our boat but do did not work.  Again while trying to fix items without taking before photos here is an example of a similar problem to why our instruments did not work.

coroded wire

While searching for replacement gauges, instruments, wiring, wire harnesses and seeing the dollar signs add up, I started off with the cheapest solution first.  I cut out the old corroded connections, put on new connections and tested the instruments.  To my disbelief I was able to get them to work without having to do any replacements of the current instruments.  That was a very big relief to my wallet.  There were a couple of navigation aids that I did have to replace however.

There was the anemometer  anemometer,

windex (not the glass cleaner) windex.jpg ,

and the anchor light anchor light.

The wind instruments were missing at the mast completely and the anchor light was so corroded the wires were broken and it didn’t work at all.  This meant I had to climb the mast.  Now the previous owner already had a replacement anemometer for me to install, but I had to buy the windex and anchor light as well as a harness to climb the mast.  I ended up buying the ATN Mast climber from It allowed me to climb the mast solo without the aid of anyone hoisting me up.  Since I have went up three times now, it has already paid for itself versus hiring someone to do it for me.

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