What Have You Been Up To?

After conquering a little poo project, several things have taken place that have went undocumented.

Oscar our dog is getting acquainted with the boat.


He seems to favor my spot on the bed, leaving me with very little room.

FullSizeRender 2

Oscar went to the beach to hang out for the very first time.


From time to time he behaves when new people come around and other times he gets very protective and growls and barks. Most recently he decided to be protective and run to the dock, forgetting there was about 3 feet between  a small pier and the boat before he can get to the dock. That mistake resulted in Oscar falling in and him learning how to quickly recall his instincts and swim for the first time.  I think he was a little embarrassed. IMG_7479

We also had some visitors in the form of manatees and dolphins. Didn’t have time to take photos of the dolphins.


I have been busy working and trying to replenish funds that have been spent making repairs on At Ease so far.  Not having enough time after work to start a full project and complete it same day, I have mostly been making a list of would like to do, have to do, and can get to some time down the road projects. In the meantime I have been working full blast since it is now summer.  Well by work I mean hanging out with cool creatures.

eagle rayfilefishgruntsnurse sharkturtle


You can also take a peek at a day in the life of a crew member at Rainbow Reef Dive Center, kudos to Logan for putting this together.


I still have some more projects to complete and hope to take At Ease out for her first sail soon.



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