The Heat is On!

Summer really is in full swing, which means I have been busy working and little time to keep updating this site. I will do better in the future.

This is our first summer on At Ease and since it has gotten so hot, our little sail boat a/c unit is struggling to keep up.  It is nowhere nearly as hot inside as it is outside, but it is also not your typical home a/c unit either.


This is almost the daily forecast. The low of 80* is anywhere from 11pm-6am then gets hotter from there.  While the sun is so brutal I have looked into getting sun shades,boom tents or other varying names for shade on a boat.  I took some measurements of what I thought would work and went to a local canvas shop that has already done some zipper repairs (for very little money) and hoped they would be able to make a cover for a good deal.


That was far from a good deal.  We were quoted $1100 for sunbrella material in the dimensions above.  Holy cow, were they using gold thread or something?  I had to find an alternative and after many headaches from staring at web pages I finally found a source. I found Beck’s Custom Canvas.  This was a game changer.  I originally found them on this eBay link.  When they didn’t have the size I wanted I reached out via eBay PM and then email.  Responses were quick and the quote was unbelievable.  On top of that, I ended up getting a slightly larger dimension tents to cover more area. For both a boom tent and a forward bow tent plus shipping it was only $350 (your project may vary). They saved me $750 and I got the same thing.  Wow is all I can say.



Now this has helped tremendously but not back to normal.  While a traditional home a/c unit can cool to whatever temp you set it to, our marine a/c unit is raw salt water cooled.  Meaning that it sucks up sea water from right under the boat, with the compressor and evaporator it removes heat from the air inside the boat and transfers that heat to the sea water and is then spit out overboard.


The biggest thing that is hurting it is the thermostat is set to 76* but the sea water is 88*-90*.  When the sea water is this warm, it makes it difficult to add the removed heat to the already heated sea water.

Until next time, here how one of my days at work was spent, diving with 17 dolphins!!!

video here: dolphins!





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