I cannot believe it is already December, nor can I believe it has been so long since an update. The last few months have been so busy in all directions. After a little bit of fun we have had several things going on (several photos to scroll through).

Alicia had her mom come down and they took Oscar back to Tennessee.


Alicia flew back down with her dad and we got to entertain him for a few days.  We took him down to Key West, and a few other places.  He flew back and my parents came down for a few days.

Many years ago, we took a family vacation and got about nine miles from Key West and the road was shut down and we never made it to Key West.  This time we took my parents down and they finally made it.  We also wanted to explore a little more in Key West than normal and we finally found the end of the road. Processed with Snapseed.

We took them to Robbie’s to see and feed the tarpon.  This was awesome for my parents to see some fish that were as long as they are tall.  Nothing like the lake fish back home.

After all family was back home and about a year later, we have to plan for hurricanes. However this year, we are not in a house but floating on the water. Last year was not really eventful thankfully, but this year we had one pointing right at us.


A possible Cat 4 with 130mph winds, while on a sailboat….. umm that’s a little concerning.  What were we to do? Plan and hope for the best I guess.  We spoke with others in the marina that have been through this sort of thing.  Basically you tie up your boat that allows for tidal movement (up and down), storm surge (extreme up and down), and winds changing directions as the storm nears, and goes by.


We double checked the cleats on the dock because some where broken and would of left our boat helplessly swinging around (cleats are where the boat is tied to the dock like in this photo).


We put out 15 lines to spiderweb out boat in the marina, removed our canvas bimini, and lashed down our mainsail.  Anything to minimize things getting caught by the wind and ripped to shreds (similar to these photos below, not of our boat).


It looked crazy and was a lot of work, but just as you would protect your house the best you can, we did for our ‘house’.  Again thankfully we were spared and the weather was no more that a typical summer storm with little wind.  Other parts of the coast were not as lucky.

We also got a vacation in.  We took a cruise to the western caribbean, to places we enjoy and have been to before. As usual we try to find the road less traveled, more quiet and with abandoned beaches. fullsizerender-6

Also visited some regular tourist areas.

We went to an ice room (yes sadly in flip fops, bad decision), first time bowling at sea, and lots of R&R.

After all of this I still managed to get in some boat maintenance.  Changing the raw water pump impeller and replacing poor neglected raw water hoses.

Ray our neighbor was able to restitch our genoa (The genoa is a type of large jib or staysail that overlaps the main sail). There is always something to do or repair on the boat.



We have several other repair items going on but these will be posted after completion. Until next time.

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