Newton’s Third Law?

Newton’s third law in summary is for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.  I’m not sure if it’s me or inherent of boats but it seems for everything positive  I do to the boat, there is something equally negative that happens.

Let’s start off with oil and filters change.  Not your typical oil change like on your car.  I don’t just jack up the boat, slide underneath and drain the oil.  The engine in located in a small compartment hidden under the steps.  Where the green arrow is pointing in this photo.



The oil change went fine.  The oil filter replacement went fine. While I was at it and folded up like a contortionist I decided to change the fuel filter also.  Might as well I thought. Clean oil, new oil filter, I should change the fuel filter because I have no idea if it has ever been changed.  Simple enough. The fuel filter replacement went fine as well, or so I thought.


(didn’t have a photo but this is one of the fuel filters)

Started the engine back up to check for leaks, and the engine wouldn’t run. It was like it was trying but on one cylinder. It shook the boat and sounded very violent in comparison to the normal sewing machine sound.  After  bleeding the fuel and trying and re-trying still no luck.  I went from a running engine that had old oil, dirty oil and fuel filters, to an engine with clean filters and oil but won’t run.

Did I unplug something by accident?  Double checks everything, No.

Did I bleed the air out of the fuel filter bowl?  Yes. I tried bleeding it again, still not running right. UGH!  Now the bleed screw gaskets are leaking. UGH!

I sat down in the cockpit for a bit not knowing what I did or how to fix it. It was working, I thought I made it better, but made it worse.  I talked to a neighbor whom suggested bleeding it at the fuel injector furthest away.  Never done that before, nor have I heard of it. Sounded scary, but it was actually easy.  I did that, and she was back to working like normal. There was our sewing machine sounding engine.  More boat maintenance to come.

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  1. 🙂 Unless you are changing just the Racor, which can be done without getting air in the line, bleeding the furthest injector is always the way to go, Good job man! And Merry Christmas to you two.

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