So what’s it like?

We get asked over and over, ‘what’s it like living on a boat?’

Well, it’s really different. Especially from our previous lifestyle. 

We went from a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage house, to renting  a bedroom of a house, we didn’t rent the house, just the bedroom once we moved to Florida.

Once we bought our boat, it seems bigger than the bedroom but obviously smaller than our house. 

While we have many things to learn about a boat, we have learned many things so far. 

Living on a boat is small.  So small that only one person can be in the kitchen at a time. If we are going from front to back, there is some shuffling of ourselves to get past the other person. 

There is no insulation on a boat. So when it’s hot, you can tell. When it’s cold, you can tell. We do have heat and air condition onboard but it is nowhere like a house unit. Also with no insulation, you can hear everything and I mean everything. The wind outside, people talking on the dock, the good and bad singers at the bar next door, each other in the bathroom. Hey, life happens. 

Living on a boat you feel the wind. When it blows, the boat rocks back and forth. Now it is soothing. Before it was not so soothing. When other boats go by, the wakes rock the boat. Please watch your wake. There is nothing worse than things falling off shelfs because a moron goes by too fast. 

Some people say ‘oh, so it’s like camping?’  Well in some aspects, very similar. A step up from tent camping but a step down from a RV. 

We have a very simple life and don’t take things for granted anymore. The trade off is less to no stress for such a simple lifestyle. When I say simple I mean simple. We gave up the walk-in closets to wear pretty much the same clothes every week. A pair of shoes, a pair of flip flops or we are barefoot. Try turning all your clothes hangers the same direction and when you wear something turn that hanger around. You will be surprised how many clothes you don’t wear. 

Once we got down to a simple lifestyle of getting only what we need instead of what we want, we were no longer ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’.  This allowed for only one income. How many people can say they were able to retire in their 30’s?  No we don’t have a fortune to live off of but we are no longer paying a fortune for everything we have or owe for either. 

Here is a walk through:

(Below photos are not ours or of our boat but similar)

You get on our boat by pier. You enter the cockpit (area that you steer the boat). This is also a nice covered outside lounging area. We consider this area our front porch, if a boat could have a porch (or stoop). 

 You enter the boat by a companionway (steps down into the boat). At this point you can side step to the left and you’re in the kitchen. It has a two burner stove and oven, double sink and an ice box. Notice I didn’t mention a refrigerator because we done have one. The ice box is a box that holds ice and our food. It is not an ice maker. So we buy blocks of ice to keep our food cold. Only fresh food, nothing frozen because there is no freezer either. Sounds horrible to most, no refrigeration, but we have lived this way for almost a year and still have whatever we want as long as it’s not frozen. We just don’t buy as much at the store. 

Turn around from the sink and your facing the rear of the boat and the rear berth (bedroom). This is where our queen sized mattress is located. 

If you side step to the right, away from the kitchen, you are now in the head (bathroom). It has an electric head (toilet) and shower in the same area, with a sink. 

Back at the bottom of the steps, walk forward and two steps later you are in the saloon (dining room), when the table is up. Put the table down and we have another bed/lounge area to watch tv. Across from the dining room table is another bench to sit on that also doubles as a single bed. 

Going right past the dining room, another two steps is the v-berth (front bedroom) which we use as storage for now because there are no bed coushins. 

So in short like a camper, but smaller, that floats (hopefully)  without insulation and constantly takes money for maintenance. Would we trade it for anything else? Well maybe not right now. 

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4 Responses to So what’s it like?

  1. Wes says:

    Very interesting read Doug. I’m happy you guys found a boat finally. One of these days I’ll make it down to see you guys. Hopefully floats….. Are you not on the water yet?

  2. Jeffrey says:

    When you use the head, the waste goes in to a tank which isn’t very big. How do you get it emptied and how often?

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