When it rains, it actually pours.

Rain drops on a window

Literally when it rains, it pours.  Another problem we found with our home was leaks.  Our windows are not like house windows.   Some windows have a gasket and o-rings on handles that keep water out.  Some are more or less glued in and after many years that glue or adhesive has gotten tired and no longer doing its job.  Some of the windows have separated from the adhesive and when it rains water comes into the boat.  Water outside is fine, but water in your home is not fine.

This type of window was a quick and easy fix, once I found a dealer that I could get parts from.

Replace the old gasket seal in the frame that flattened out over time and became dry rotten, and replace the broken and dry rotten o-rings in the handles.  The hardest part was getting the new seal to fit.  It kept wanting to slip out one side as I put in the other side.  Our dock neighbor suggested getting gasket adhesive to hold it in place as I put it into the frame.

The other windows were WAY more involved.  While we figured out how to tackle this project and to help keep the rain out, we went the redneck way and taped the windows up.  That seemed like a good idea at the time, but time passed so quickly.  When we finally got to working on the windows, the sun had stuck the tape really well.  That made the removal worse, leaving a horrible sticky residue that had to be removed.

window tappedwindow tapped 2window tapped 3

After all the tape and residue was removed, time came to remove the window.  Poking, prodding, scraping and pulling.  Even creating a makeshift two person saw.  One inside and the other outside to saw the window out with fishing line.

window remove sawing

 After we got the window removed, there was a bunch of scraping to do.  All the old adhesive and residue had to be removed.

Then came the crucial part.  Taping up.  The better job we did at prep work, the easier to apply the new adhesive and cleanup would be.

After all the prep work was done, it was time to re-bed the windows.

window prep 5window set 3window set

Fill in the remaining gap for a frame, let it set up and then remove the tape.

window finishedwindow finished 3window finished 2

Not to bad for some do-it-yourselfers.  Thanks to our dock neighbor Ray for getting us started in the right direction.

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