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Early Start

   It’s early. The sun is just coming up and we are back at it. After January and February being extremely busy at work, when I get time off, we are looking at boats. Today, right now, we are off … Continue reading

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Nail biting

   Nervous, anxious, even a little scared is how I’m feeling right now.   We did not get approved for the loan. Credit is good, down payment was more than 20%, and debt to income ratio was well below the … Continue reading

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Never Know Unless You Try

   In the past few years, we have been on several boats. Taking note of what we like and what we don’t.  We are now to a point that we need to try and make our dream happen.  There are … Continue reading

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Starting off on the right foot

Starting off on the right foot is important.  I kept telling myself I would update this site on a regular basis.  While not on a daily basis, it should be more often.  Enter day one of this new year. Last … Continue reading

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Keep Exploring

We are itching to buy a boat, but don’t have all of the funds yet.  We could and may end up financing one but being debt free, we are a little hesitant to jump back into payments. We continue to … Continue reading

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Toy or Tool?

In the last weeks we put the house up for sale and juggling some issues back home. We were way over due for some relaxation and fun.  We look at every purchase as a need or want.  If it is … Continue reading

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So much want, not enough dough

So the plan may still be to find a boat and live on that as our house. However, just like we did house hunting some time ago, boat hunting proves to be just as stressful and unsuccessful. In the past … Continue reading

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