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Finally, The First Adventure

Here is a video of our first adventure, just not on our boat.  We learned so much, however this time not by reading and wondering how to do things, but by just doing it.     Advertisements

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So what’s it like?

We get asked over and over, ‘what’s it like living on a boat?’ Well, it’s really different. Especially from our previous lifestyle.  We went from a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage house, to renting  a bedroom of a … Continue reading

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Little bit of fun

It’s not always work, sometimes there is a little bit of fun also. At some point the scales will tip to more fun than work but that will come in time. Some most recent fun was a close encounter with … Continue reading

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All In A Days Work

Despite being busy at work and all of the repairs and maintenance on At Ease, I finally got to put together a little video of a day at work. This is what makes it all worth while.

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What Have You Been Up To?

After conquering a little poo project, several things have taken place that have went undocumented. Oscar our dog is getting acquainted with the boat. He seems to favor my spot on the bed, leaving me with very little room. Oscar … Continue reading

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At Ease

After a long an exhausting search, countless miles driven to look at boats, the one we put under a contract was less than two miles from our current living location.  A few days passed, we heard back that the offer … Continue reading

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Keep Exploring

We are itching to buy a boat, but don’t have all of the funds yet.  We could and may end up financing one but being debt free, we are a little hesitant to jump back into payments. We continue to … Continue reading

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