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All In A Days Work

Despite being busy at work and all of the repairs and maintenance on At Ease, I finally got to put together a little video of a day at work. This is what makes it all worth while. Advertisements

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What Have You Been Up To?

After conquering a little poo project, several things have taken place that have went undocumented. Oscar our dog is getting acquainted with the boat. He seems to favor my spot on the bed, leaving me with very little room. Oscar … Continue reading

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Phase 2 continued…

After working on, well during working on the bilge pump to be correct, I started another project within a project. I had the old bilge pump removed and the new one on standby and looked at our sea water cooled … Continue reading

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Is It Worth It?

So I’ve been settling in a little.  Getting to know the area, and my co-workers.  Getting up very early and going bed late makes for long work days.  My wife, dog and home are still many hundreds of miles away. … Continue reading

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A Fresh Start

Starting over isn’t easy. I mean think of it this way.  I have to find where the grocery stores are, where to buy items I need that I didn’t bring down with me.  Everything that most take for granted in … Continue reading

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