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When it rains, it actually pours.

Literally when it rains, it pours.  Another problem we found with our home was leaks.  Our windows are not like house windows.   Some windows have a gasket and o-rings on handles that keep water out.  Some are more or less … Continue reading

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Starting off on the right foot

Starting off on the right foot is important.  I kept telling myself I would update this site on a regular basis.  While not on a daily basis, it should be more often.  Enter day one of this new year. Last … Continue reading

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One Step Closer

In the weeks since my last post, my wife returned back home for a couple of weeks.  There she went through the last remaining items that we could find in the house. Sold off what she could, and gave away … Continue reading

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Decompress and Think

Down in the islands, it not all tiki bars and umbrella drinks.  I still have to work for a living.  Now while the work I do is not your traditional work, it’s still tiring.  I cannot remember my last day … Continue reading

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More Confused Than Ever

We get back from vacation / recon trip. Living the island life is definitely different. Expensively different.  We knew things costs more. There are the ‘local’ places with high prices, and the ‘tourist’ places with even higher prices.  We were … Continue reading

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