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When it rains, it actually pours.

Literally when it rains, it pours.  Another problem we found with our home was leaks.  Our windows are not like house windows.   Some windows have a gasket and o-rings on handles that keep water out.  Some are more or less … Continue reading

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  Some repairs can be done at our leisure.  Others, have a higher priority and need urgent repair.  The most recent,  another head repair (sigh) ranked pretty high up there on a timely repair.   Maybe a little less typing … Continue reading

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Return of Newton, grr!

After giving our Yanmar (engine) some new oil and filters I decided it would be a good idea to flush and change the coolant. After some reading, it didn’t seem to be a big deal or take a whole lot … Continue reading

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Navigation Aids

In sailing there are a few instruments that are very important for navigation.  While the more traditional instruments of paper charts, parallel rulers and compass are basic navigation items(we do not have nor know how to use yet) there are … Continue reading

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Phase 2 Repair/Replace

After we got the boat cleaned up, it was time to start knocking items of the list of things to repair from the survey.  There were several items suggested to do, which we will in time, and a few items … Continue reading

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